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Software Developer, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server, ASP.NET, XAML, Microsoft Azure, Project Management, Manx Gaelic student

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My technical background encompasses Java, C++ and Lotus Notes though my most recent work has been around the Microsoft stack. Based primarily in C#, I've worked across technologies including ASP.NET MVC, API and Web Forms; WCF web services; XAML within WPF, Universal Windows Applications and Silverlight; Windows Forms and related integrations including SQL Server, JavaScript and interaction with legacy and bespoke IT/IS technologies. My work is hosted on Windows Servers and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Underlying my recent work has been a keen interest in interaction and integration of IS teams with the wider business and client, with particular focus on project management and delivery of projects within scope, budget and schedule. I achieved an MSc in Project Management in Information Systems from the University of Liverpool in 2015 in pursuit of this. The research within this study revealed the value of the team and dynamic with the wider business in maximising the opportunity for successful Agile operationalisation.

Residing on the Isle of Man, a beautiful island which I am pleased to call home, I endeavour to return the welcome afforded to me by learning, promoting and developing the cultural identity of the island, in particular, the Manx Gaelic language. In support of this, I have a role on the board of the local charity, Pobble, which involves supporting the IT/IS services used by the charity, lobbying for the interests of the language and assisting in event arrangements and social engagements. I have also developed the online dictionary and translation service,


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Musings of a .NET developer living in The Isle of Man

What Apollo 11 teaches software project deployments

Monday, July 22, 2019

In this 50th anniversary year of the first moon landing, everything seems to be talking about that achievement and those first steps. Including the BBC World Service’s 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast, which goes into some detail into the final moments as the crew Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin separate from their command module, […]

Plex and DVR

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I’ve been an enthusiastic user and supporter of Windows Media Centre over the years, spending a lot of money for an optimum set up that is able to command WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Of course, it being a standout solution that “just works”, Microsoft decided to kill it – much like other awesome tech like […]


On-line dictionary, translation and social media aggregation for Manx Gaelic

Taggloo (pronounced: Ta-loo) is a project that intends to help learners of niche languages that the likes of Google Translate, etc. leave behind. Originally oriented around Manx Gaelic, the site is able to work with any language as a "white-label" solution.

The site is hosted on Microsoft Azure's Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure, offering scalable and responsive performance. My work is in designing, developing and collating the data and promotion to supporters potential investors.

Roie Mygeayrt

Universal Windows App for pre-school children featuring songs in Manx Gaelic

The Roie Mygeayrt app is a port from the successful app on the iOS and Android platforms supported by Culture Vannin to the Windows 10 platform. This will ultimately allow children to access the app on smartphones, tablets and in the living room using the XBox One console.

The app features a number of well known tunes sang by traditional Manx singers and is aimed at preschool children. Using artwork, animation, interactive animations and a focus on learning, the app promises an opportunity for development of Manx Gaelic not just for the child but also the family.

Manx Gaelic

Board member, Pobble

Pobble ("people" in Manx Gaelic) was formed as a means to promote Manx Gaelic as a community resource. Working with established organisations such as the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, Culture Vannin and fellow Manx Gaelic-promoting charities and groups, we hope to improve the visibility and acceptance of Manx Gaelic as a language representing the cultural identity of the Isle of Man.

My work is primarily involved with supporting the organisation's IS services, including collaboration and social media outlets. As a board member, I am also able to involve myself with the higher goals of the organisation in line with the strategies outlined in Pobble's prospectus.

Development of internet services and apps

I find my learning is particularly kinaesthetic in nature, to which end I find developing services and apps to be particularly helpful in my development within Manx Gaelic. represents a major effort in this regard, exposing me to different dictionaries, the vagaries of the Manx Gaelic language and dialect and aspects of the English language I had never considered.

Adding value to the excellent resources already available from professional organisations and enthusiasts provides an opportunity for me to give back to the community, which continues to support the learner at all levels.

Manx Gaelic student

As a group of learners, we are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn with professional teachers of the language who range from specialising in broad accessibility to the finer points of historical usages of certain sentence constructions. This exposure piques the interest and feeds it as one's development progresses.

Outside of the classroom setting, I participate in conversational groups around the island across a range of formats including playing Scrabble in Manx Gaelic and over a Manx-themed meal as part of my work with Pobble.



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